Harmful, electromagnetic radiation is ELIMINATED by LIFE Blue Tube and Life ENvi Line ZERO-EMF headphones!


life blue tube headsetsLIFE BlueTube headsets allow you to continue making convenient cell phone calls to friends, family and business acquaintances with absolutely NO HEALTH RISK from EMF radiation. How can we promise this? Because LIFE BlueTube headsets totally stop EMFsradiation from going to the brain!


Scientifically-engineered, LIFE Blue Tube Radiation-Free headsets are like a guardian angel that stands between you and potential harm. Their high quality construction provides a clear, smooth, sensual tonal quality.


– 32% of men and 23% of women say they could not live without their cell phone.

 – Over 4 239 956 people are having a cell phone conversation at any given second in the world.

– 15% of us have interrupted our intimacy to answer our cell phone!

– Wireless revenues are more than 250 times great in 2009 than what they were in 2000 with over 500 million cell phones stock piled waiting to be sold!


While these figures may be interesting, what they don’t tell you is that 60% of the cell phone’s radiation is absorbed by the users head!