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  • Controls on the headset activate:
  • Voice Activated Dialing
  • On/Off switch
  • Answer
  • Mute
  • Disconnect
  • Auto-roller automatically rewinds the cord
  • Optional EMF shields to protect body from other EMFs

Also...100% pollution protection from toxic EMFs!

Today's modern lifestyle gives us a more exciting array of electronic gadgets than ever before. While these devices provide hours of fun, convenience and entertainment, there is unfortunately a downside.

While the electronic devices in our homes release electromagnetic fields in small doses, continued exposure to EMF radiation over time has been linked to serious illnesses like cancer, Parkinson's disease, neurological disorders and more. Sadly, most people are not even aware that they are being bombarded with electromagnetic fields all day and every day; at home, at work, and even in their car when they are driving. Think about the devices you use, your mp3 player, headphones, hair dryer, shaver, car radio, toaster, TV, your microwave; they all emit electromagnetic radiation.

Dr. Oz Advises:

  • Limit the use of cell phones
  • Don't let children use mobile phones
  • Use a headset or speakerphone
  • Keep phones out of pockets

Friend, if you are like me, you feel an urgency to do everything possible to protect your health and to minimize your overall exposure to EMF radiation. This is a tricky one though, because you can not completely avoid electromagnetic emissions. They are everywhere! What you can do, is try your best to avoid the things that put you at most risk for overexposure to EMFs, and to steer clear of devices that transmit EMFs close to your head.

Let me explain the facts mentioned above, electronic devices anywhere near your head, such as cell phones, headphones, even an alarm clock placed too close to your bed, transmit EMFs to the brain; one of the most sensitive organs in your body. In fact, according to doctors, exposure to EMFs can lead to changes at a cellular DNA level, putting you at risk for brain tumors, neurological disorders, motor-neuron problems and more.

Don't toss your gadgets yet!

Imagine the peace you would feel if you could completely eliminate "the EMF threat"! Fortunately, you can now take measures to protect yourself! LIFE BlueTube Radiation-FREE headsets give you the power to shield yourself completely from electromagnetic fields and 100% banish radiation before it is able to reach your head. So you see, you don't have to give up the many hours you enjoy listening to music. You can actually enjoy the best of both worlds! LIFE BlueTube headsets allow you to continue making convenient cell phone calls to friends, family and business acquaintances with absolutely NO HEALTH RISK from EMF radiation. How can we promise this? Because LIFE BlueTube headsets totally eliminates EMFs from reaching the brain!

Scientifically-engineered, LIFE BlueTube Radiation-Free headsets are like a guardian angel that stands between you and potential harm. Their high quality construction provides a clear, smooth, sensual tonal quality that you will no longer be satisfied without. At the same time, their unique, hollow design shields you from the destructive electromagnetic radiation you should avoid at all cost.

LIFE BlueTube Radiation-free headsets are unlike any other headphones on the market today. They offer indispensable protection against EMFs, they are unique in design and are tailor-engineered to completely expel electromagnetic emissions. EMFs are dissipated into thin air and carried away from your head by BlueTube headphones. How does it work? Let's take a closer look: This one-of-a-kind design uses wires to carry sound part of the way and special, air-filled tubes (without wires) to carry sound closer to the head. These uniquely-designed headsets aggressively eradicate the risks that expose you to EMF danger. LIFE BlueTube headphones protect you and they shield you, and they never let EMF radiation reach your ears, brain or head.

ZERO Radiation!

Studies conducted on LIFE BlueTube headsets using professional-grade EMF meters produce the same results over and over again. Even in cases where cell phones register high or in the danger zone for EMF emissions, the LIFE BlueTube earpieces attached to them register zero radiation emissions.

Many in the medical profession agree that extensive use of cell phones and mp3 players exposes people to unsafe radiation. Dr. Oz, medical doctor, medical and health-related talk show host, and frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey show, has spoken out on several occasions about the dangers of electromagnetic radiation and cell phone use. He has also published articles outlining EMFs and their dangers.

Recently, on the Oprah Winfrey show, Dr. Oz shared that large exposure to EMF radiation results in cellular DNA changes which eventually reveal themselves as sickness in the body. He warned viewers not to let children use cell phones, and for adults to use cell phones only when necessary.


"I borrowed my best friend Peter's LIFE BlueTube headphones and I was blown away by the sound quality. I had never even heard of EMFs. He's an electrical engineer and he explained EMFs and their dangers to me. When I got home, I got online and ordered my own pair right away. I personally will never use any other headphones again!"

Rachel Simpson

Tampa, FL.

"I have always suspected that cell phones lead to cancers. What I heard on the Dr. Oz show convinced me further and I worried every time I had to use my cell. I have more peace of mind now that I have my LIFE BlueTube headphones. I have one I use for my mp3 player and another for my cell phone. Thank you!"

Tom Meadows

Trenton, NJ.

"These headphones have amazing sound quality! I bought two LIFE BlueTube headsets after my mother fell sick. Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with her but she was losing the use of her hands. As I did my own independent research, I began to read article after article about the potential harms of EMFs and electromagnetic radiation. A random Google search brought LIFE BlueTube headphones to my attention. I took a chance and ordered them. All I can say is, Priceless!!"

Trace Whittling

Colorado Springs, CO.

LIFE BlueTube headsets guarantee you hours of worry-free and radiation-free listening enjoyment whether you are playing music, chatting on the phone or enjoying your headphones in some other way. Their sensual tonal quality has to be heard to be believed. Even more exciting is the fact that they provide the very best protection against toxic, electromagnetic radiation.
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