Symptoms of High EMF

In our last post, I told you about a television show in which investigators tested the effects of a high EMF reading on someone who had no idea what was happening. She reported feeling anxious and ‘creeped out’ while sitting near a ceiling fan whose motor had burned out; the fan’s motor pumped out an EMF reading near 30. To make sure she wasn’t imaging the feeling, the investigators first had her in the room while the fan was turned off and she felt fine.

The symptoms the woman reported are typical of mild to moderate EMF exposure. What are the other possible symptoms? Keep in mind that these symptoms may also reflect many other mental and physical conditions…but some that have been reported by people who know they’ve been exposed to EMF fields include

  • Feelings of being watched
  • Paranoia
  • Intense anxiety
  • Crying jags, feeling moody for no reason
  • Racing thoughts

Get a full medical and/or psychological evaluation from a licensed professional if you’re experiencing symptoms. But if they cannot find a root cause, you may want to begin looking around your environment for possible culprits.

8 Responses to “Symptoms of High EMF”

  1. ipogs


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  2. pat laborde

    All of the above. This all started around 6 months ago. A
    women died next door, amd I stated to have alot of bad experiences. Windows opening, doors rattling
    , dogs spooked. I never felt secure or healthy. A friend,
    came over with EMF equipment, all my outlets, appliances, Tv, etc went out. They detected extremely high Voltage. I called Edison Electric, Confirmed. Now what, I still don;t
    feel secure here.

  3. pat laborde

    To confirm———–Edison took this very serious, and knew exactly why all my appliances went out. Constant noises, doors slamming, dogs very jumpy mostly at night. Yes, the death next door created alot of anxiety, and I know a definite connection with the high voltage. I now have a new electric meter, since the 70′s, and new neighbors where she died. But ironically, when I first met them back in May 2012, they were both very healthy, now, they look ancient, and the women, has had to go to UCLA for a huge benigh cancer on her head, and much more. I can’t wait to move.

  4. pat laborde

    Although, since new neighbors moved in next door, where the women died, living alone you are more prone to hear sounds, etc, but my jack-russells do too———-?? Still.
    Yes, the high voltage is improved, but the haunted feeling
    here still exist mostly at night.

  5. pat laborde

    Thanks, Camarillo, Hotel Ca, ( One flew over the cookoo ),
    now a university——–don’t kid yourself. This town is haunted. Visiting Ventura———many ghostbusters have traveled to this area. I have had my share of experiences.

  6. pat laborde

    Although, I try to downplay the horrible anxious feelings I get here regularily———-it drives you crazy, where you have to get out of apt ASAP. The oppression and depression you feel here controls you, where you have to escape———as soon as you are out—You start to feel normal –Thank GOD

  7. pat laborde

    Unfortunately———-I still live in current address due
    to costly expenses to move. lately, my electricty has sky
    rocketed————major problems with all outlets.

    Edison came out twice since January——-broken breakers
    maybe causing TV to go off and on–Lights flickering—bulbs busting etc———This needs to stop—–I have an
    electrician coming out——but they never resolve much.

  8. pat laborde

    All power went out Saturday night for hours——-Edison,

    no explanation———-