How cell phones can affect your health

Harmful Radiation

The World Health Organization has found cell phone radiation to be a “probable carcinogen” just like the banned pesticide DDT. Studies on the link between cell phone radiation and cancer are ongoing, but there are a few harmful effects of cell phone radiation that have been confirmed by science:

Male fertility is reduced

  • Bone density is decreased
  • Glucose metabolism in the brain is affected

Protect yourself from radiation by holding your phone farther from your ear while talking, and never carry the phone next to your body! A radiation free LIFE BlueTube headset will protect your brain from cell phone radiation, and makes it safer for you to drive.


Poor Posture

“Text-neck” is a condition that is becoming increasingly common. Recent studies state that 91% of people who use mobile phone to text hyper-flex their necks when texting. Hyper-flexing the neck leads to neck and back problems. Consider holding your phone up to eye level when texting, rather than looking down at it.


Studies indicate that arthritis is popping up in cell phone users as young as 15 years old!  Science has not yet confirmed the link between cell phone use and arthritis, but the impact of cell phone radiation on bone density suggests that concern about a link between texting and arthritis is likely.

Eye Strain

Eye strain is a serious concern. Mobile phone users blink a less when using their devices than they normally would. Inadequate blinking leads to dry eyes and strains the eye muscles. Long term users may suffer permanent blurring in vision. When eye strain and hyper-flexing of the neck are combined, they can cause headaches in mobile phone users. Mobile phone users may also be at greater risk for nearsightedness, the human eye is optimized to view things at a distance.

You can reduce eye strain by using a pair of reading glasses while using your device, and remember to look away frequently and focus on objects that are far away from you.

Hearing Damage

Studies suggest that 37% of mobile users are likely to develop tinnitus – a nonstop ringing in the ear. Some research suggests that those who use their devices more than 10 minutes a day could face as high as a 71% greater risk of developing tinnitus. Tinnitus is believed to be caused by loud noises, so try using your device at a lower volume.

If you use a hands free device – which experts recommend – make sure your hands free device has excellent sound quality so you don’t have to turn the volume up too high. LIFE BlueTube Radiation Free headsets have excellent sound quality so you can protect your hearing while on the phone.

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