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Cell Phone Radiation may harm unborn infants

Pregnant woman

Cell phone radiation may harm your unborn child

A recently completed study from Yale University concluded that cell phone radiation may pose a risk to unborn infants. While the study was performed on mice, it showed that there may be a risk for humans. The study showed that mice exposed to cell phone radiation in the womb developed long-lasting behavioral abnormalities similar to ADHD in humans.

Behavioral problems in children increasingly prevelant

The study, called Fetal Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure From 800-1900 Mhz-Rated Cellular Telephones Affects Neurodevelopment and Behavior in Mice stated that behavioral disorders in children are on the rise, but that the source of the increase is not well understood.

Currently, 3 – 7% of school age children suffer from ADHD. Rates of ADHD in children have been growing by 3% per year since 1997. ADHD has become a public health crisis and it may very well be linked to cell phone use. The researchers at Yale noted that the effect of cell phone radiation on unborn mice was significant, and that further studies should be conducted on the risk of cell phone radiation exposure during pregnancy.

Earlier research suggests that cell phone radiation may be connected to childhood asthma.

How to protect your unborn child from cell phone radiation

Avoid keeping your phone near your body when not using it, and never wear your phone with a belt clip! The mice in the study were exposed to cell phone radiation around the clock, something that may be happening to you if you keep your phone on your person at all times.

Tips for protecting unborn infants from cell phone radiation

  • Keep the phone away from your stomach at all times
  • Use a radiation shield
  • Use a BlueTube hands free device to talk on the phone
  • Shut phone off when not in use
  • Send a text instead of calling

Cell phone radiation has been implicated as a factor in other health issues. It  is known to impact male fertility as well, so the tips above go for guys too. Cell phone radiation has also been shown to reduce bone density.


Aalad, T. et al. Fetal Radiofrequency Radiation Exposure From 800-1900 Mhz-Rated Cellular Telephones Affects Neurodevelopment and Behavior in Mice Scientific Reports:

Cell Phone use during Pregnancy linked to Childhood Asthma

Pregnant Mothers’ Cell Phone habits can condemn their Children to a Lifetime of Breathing Difficulty

pregnant cell phone user

Pregnancy and cell phones linked to childhood asthma

A recently completed 13 year long prospective – forward looking – Kaiser Permanente Study shows a highly significant link between EMF exposure and a child’s risk of developing asthma. The study followed 626 boys and girls from before birth, to the age of 13. The study found that every 1 mG (milli-Gray) increase in EMF increases a child’s risk of developing asthma by 15%.

How much Radiation is 1 mG?

A Gray is a measure of how much radiation per second you absorb per kilogram of your body weight. As a general rule, you should expect to be exposed to between 1 and 2 mG per second by most cell phones if you hold them right next to your ear.

Childhood Asthma has increased along with Cell Phone Usage

Over the last few decades, as cell phones have become more popular rates of childhood asthma in the US have increased as well. In 1980, before cell phone use became common, 2.9% of American children developed asthma before the age of 18. Since then, childhood asthma rates have more than doubled – 6.7% in 2004 – the most recent year data is available.

Factors that Increase Childhood Asthma Risk

The study found that certain factors can increase the already high level of risk that a child will develop asthma because of the mother’s cell phone use. If the mother has asthma, the risk level for the child doubles, to an overall 6-fold increase over children whose mothers did not expose them to cell phone radiation. According to Dr. De-Kun Li, who lead the study: “The fetus of a mother with a history of asthma is especially vulnerable to magnetic field exposures”

First born children are said to have higher risks of developing asthma from their mother’s cell phone use. Their risks increased dramatically when their mothers were exposed to radiation doses of more than 2 mG.

What you can do to Protect Your Child

The most important thing you can do is to keep cell phones away from your body at all times. Even when you are not talking on it, a cell phone still emits radiation. Testing shows however, that exposure levels drop significantly as distance from the body is increased. The following precautions are recommended by the WHO and other medical experts to reduce your exposure to radiation:

  • Keep your cell phone away from your body at all times!
  • Use the speakerphone function
  • Send a text instead of talking
  • Use a hands free device

LIFE BlueTube Radiation Free Headsets

Conventional hands free devices still emit tiny amounts of radiation. They depend on speakers in the headphones that generate EMF. LIFE BlueTube removes the speakers from the earpiece, they are suspended instead several inches away from your body. The sound is conducted to your ears by hollow tubes. When you use a LIFE BlueTube headset, you cut you (and your unborn child’s) exposure to EMF to the maximum possible extent. The only way to protect your child better is to stop using your cell phone entirely.

Want more information? Call us today at: (800) 958-4679


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How to Save a Drowned Cell Phone

cell phone dropped in water

All may not be lost! Try these simple tips to find out

What to do if you drop your phone in water

So you’ve dropped your phone in the water, and now the screen is blank! Don’t panic! All may not be lost if you follow our tips for reviving a drowned cell phone. There is no guarantee that you can save your phone, but these steps have the highest chance of success.

Step 1: Do NOT attempt to turn on your phone

Water inside your phone will short its circuits, which will destroy it for sure. You have to make sure your phone is completely dry before attempting to power it up..

Step 2: Pull out the battery and SIM card

To try and prevent short circuits from destroying your phone, you need to remove the battery. Disassemble the phone as much as you can without damaging it: Take out the battery, the SIM card and the memory card, if your phone has one. Removing the battery is very important; it will prevent any further potential shorted circuits.

Some phones may not have removable batteries. If your phone is one of them, you’ll have to skip this step. At the very least, try to remove any moisture from around the battery ASAP.

Step 3: Freshwater rinse

If you dropped your phone in salt water, you have to rinse it out. The salt will corrode your phone, so after you take your phone apart, immerse the parts in fresh water to rinse out the salt.

Step 4: Dry your phone with compressed air

If you have a can of compressed air — the kind that’s used to blow dust out of computers — blast out all the water in the phone. A vacuum cleaner can also be used, a good wet/dry vacuum can pull a lot of water out of the cracks and crevices of your phone.

Don’t apply heat to the phone! The heat is likely to damage the phone’s circuitry, and melt some internal components. Don’t use a blow dryer unless it has a heatless setting. The microwave is definitely out of the question, it will destroy your phone.

Step 5: Cover your phone with uncooked rice

It doesn’t matter which kind of rice you use, as long as it’s dry and uncooked. Dry grains of rice will attract any remaining water like a magnet. Get a sealable plastic container, and put enough rice in it to cover the phone. Cover the phone and all of the parts you removed with rice, and wait. You should wait at least 24 hours for the rice to do its job.

Silica gel works even better than rice, if you have any. Silica gel is the stuff in those packets that come with new clothes or shoes to keep them dry. Even if you can only find a packet or two, add it to the rice to help it dry out your phone. You may find that pieces of rice get caught in the cracks and crevices in you’re the phone, you will need to pick them out before reassembling your phone.

Step 6: Turn your phone back on

After waiting at least 24 hours, it’s time to find out if your phone has been saved. Reassemble the phone, charge it and try to turn it on. If the phone doesn’t power on, or it acts funny, the water has damaged it; you will have to replace your phone. Good luck!

How to find out if you are Electrosensitive

EMF Pollution

Find out if you are sensitive to EMF before its too late!

Living in the digital age carries consequences; devices used to “stay in touch” bathe us in electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis. Research into the effects of cell phone use continues to discover tangible effects on our brains and bodies from the use of cell phones which lend credence to claims of people that believe that cell phones (and cell towers) are wrecking their health. Electrosensitivity is a condition that describes the symptoms of people who are affected by being in close proximity to electrical equipment.

Common Symptoms of Electrosensitivity

Medical science does not have an established list of symptoms caused by electosensitivity because studies on electosensitivity are ongoing. However, people who claim to suffer from electosensitivity often describe similar symptoms from exposure to electromagnetic radiation sources:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Disturbances (e.g. nausea)
  • Concentration and Memory Difficulties
  • Dizziness

Because these symptoms are also commonly associated with other problems, you should consult with a doctor to eliminate other possible causes.  A proper medical exam will often find other causes, such as diseases or chemical sensitivities which have symptoms similar to electosensitivity. However, because studies are ongoing, and there is immense pressure from the telecommunications industry to discredit the phenomena of electosensitivity, your doctor may refuse to associate your symptoms with electosensitivity even after all other causes have been ruled out. In this case, there are measures you can take to find out for yourself.

Measure the EMF in your Home

A device called a gauss meter measures EMF radiation produced by electrical equipment. Because devices such as microwaves, cell phones, light bulbs and computers all operate at different electrical frequencies, it is important to get a device that is capable of measuring EMF at a wide range of frequencies. Once you find the major sources of EMF in your home, you can shut off offending devices reduce your exposure. Also consider sources nearby your home, such as cell phone towers and high tension electrical wires, the gauss meter can help you measure EMF from those sources as well.

Protect Yourself from EMF

Even if your home is a low EMF environment (not likely) you are also exposed to EMF by your cell phone. The best way to avoid cell phone radiation is to not use one, instead, use a regular land line which produces much less radiation. If you must use a cell phone, there are ways to reduce your exposure:

  • Use the speakerphone option instead
  • Send a text message
  • Use a radiation free headset

Never carry a cell phone on your belt or in your pocket, studies have shown that men who do so lose bone mass in their pelvis, and may even become infertile! Instead, carry the phone in a separate place, such as briefcase or messenger bag. If you are going to use a headset, choose LIFE BlueTube headsets which are radiation free. Sound in the headsets is produced by external speakers, and then transferred to your ears through air tubes, similar to the way a doctor’s stethoscope works. No other headset for your phone is radiation free!

Get your LIFE Blue Tube radiation-free headset and start protecting yourself from EMF’s damaging effects. Also works for MP3 players and other portable devices.

Cell Phone Radiation Linked to Decreased Bone Density

Hip Bone X-Ray

Cell Phone Radiation Decreases Bone Density

New research suggests that radiation from cellular phones can have an adverse effect on bone strength. A study published in the March issue of ”The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery” revealed that men who routinely wear their cell phones on their belts on the right hip, had decreased bone density near the cell phone.

According to Dr. Fernando D. Sravi, there is a measurable difference in hip bone density in men who wear their cell phone on their hip, and those who do not. He attributed the difference to: “A non-thermal effect of electromagnetic radiofrequency waves not previously described.” Dr. Sravi’s statement is significant because current EPA standards for cell phone exposure do not account for this newly observed effect of cell phone radiation.

Cell Phone Radiation’s Effect on Hip Bone Density
Dr. Sravi’s study looked at two standard markers of bone strength, Bone Mineral Content (BMC) and Bone Mineral Density (BMD) at the left and right hip in two groups of 24 healthy men. The first group did not use cell phones; the second group carried their cell phone in a belt pouch on their right hip for at least a year. Bone strength was measured using a test called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

Men who did not use cell phones had higher BMC in the right femoral neck (near the top of the thigh bone). This is a normal left-right difference in men that was absent in cell phone users. The cell phone group that wore their phones on their right side had a relative reduction in femoral neck BMC in that hip. However, Dr Sravi observed that the average hip BMC and BMD measurements were not significantly different between the two groups overall.

The study also showed that cell phone users had reduced BMD and BMC on a part of the outside top of the thigh bone called the trochanter. This spot is close to where the phone is normally worn on the belt. The amount that the left and right thigh trochanters differed by in test subjects appeared to be related to the estimated total hours spent carrying a cell phone, not using it. This finding is significant because current EPA standards for cell phone radiation do not take into account radiation exposure while merely carrying a phone.

A concern raised by this study is that the rapid growth in cell phone use may have a substantial effect on the osteoporosis rate in the population. The study found reduced BMC and BMD in the hip bones of men who had been carrying a cell phone on their hip for as little as a year, the long term impact could be a lot worse, and is currently unknown.

According to Dr Sravi, larger follow-up studies will be needed to confirm or disprove the initial findings of his research. Studies may be warranted for women, who have higher rates of osteoporosis; and for children, who have longer expected lifetime exposure to cell phones.

How to Protect Yourself

People who must carry their phone on their hip should be concerned about this study. The best way to protect against hip bone loss is to use an EMF shield which can direct radiation away from the body. Click here to learn more about your options for Cell Phone Radiation Protection.

Cell Phone Radiation Linked to Abnormal Brain Activity

Brain frying

Can cellphone radiation fry your brain?

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association announced research which shows that even short term exposure to cell phone radiation has a measurable impact on the brain. A team of researchers led by Dr. Nora D. Volkow, found that exposure to as little as 50 minutes of cellphone radiation had a significant impact on brain function by affecting the metabolism of glucose in the parts of the brain which was exposed to the most cell phone radiation.

Cell Phone Users Urged to Take Precautions

An article on the study in the New York Times stated the report was unclear whether the changes in brain chemistry would have any negative health impact, but Dr. Volkow nevertheless urges cellphone users to take simple precautions such as:

  • Use headsets or speakerphones
  • Don’t carry the phone close to your body
  • Children must be very careful to avoid exposure
  • Reduce call time
  • Use text messaging

LIFE BlueTube: The Only Radiation-FREE Headset

Conventional cell phone headsets only reduce your exposure to radiation, they do not eliminate it. The tiny speakers used in the headset produce radiation, and they are tucked into the ear canal passing radiation directly to the brain.

Blue tube headsets keep harmful radiation away from your brain. Sound is conducted by air through hollow tubes up to the ear pieces, because there are no speakers used in the ear pieces, LIFE Blue Tube Headsets are naturally radiation free.

Protect yourself! Get a radiation free headset for your cell phones, mp3 players and other devices today.

Studies Show Abnormal Impact of Cell Phone Radiation on the Brain

Cell Phone Radiation

Your cell phone is frying your brain

Scientists working with the nonprofit Environmental Health Trust (EHT) announced that new studies show that even short term exposure to cell phone radiation has a measurable impact on the brain. A team of researchers led by Nora D. Volkow, MD found that exposure to as little as 50 minutes of cell radiation had a significant impact on brain function and the metabolism of glucose in the parts of the brain which was exposed to the most cell phone radiation.
Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, the chairman of EHT says that short term cell phone use increases the levels of glucose in the area of the brain exposed to radiation in a way that is similar to the action of infections and other inflammatory processes on the brain. The increase in glucose levels leads to the production of potentially damaging free radicals in the brain that can alter the ways that cells and genes work.

Cell Phone Users Urged to Take Precautions

Dr. Heberman describes the study results as “shocking” and says that the report provides additional reasons for cell phone users to take steps to reduce their exposure to cell phone radiation:
We need to take simple precautions to reduce brain exposures to cell phone radiation, while research on the biological impact of exposure to microwave radiation from cell phones is carried out
Cell phone users should avoid holding the phone to their ear while using it. Simple precautions recommended by the scientists with EHT that users can take right now include:
• Use headsets or speakerphones
• Don’t carry the phone close to your body
• Children must be very careful to avoid exposure
• Reduce call time
• Use text messaging
Growing Concern over Long Term Effects
Scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) and many other agencies are speaking out in defiance of extensive cell phone industry pressure to remain silent. Scientists Elisabeth Cardis and Siegal Sadetzki, who lead a WHO-sponsored study into the effects of cell phone radiation state: “Even a small risk at the individual level could eventually result in a considerable number of tumors”.
LIFE BlueTube: The Only Radiation-FREE Headset
While the use of conventional cell phone headsets can reduce your exposure to radiation, they do not eliminate it. The tiny speakers used in the headset still produce radiation while being used, and because they are tucked into the ear canal, they may even increase the level of radiation the brain is exposed to.
Blue tube headsets keep harmful radiation away from your brain. Sound is conducted by air through hollow tubes up to the ear pieces, because there is no speakers used in the ear pieces, LIFE Blue Tube Headsets are naturally radiation free.
Protect yourself! Get a radiation free headset for your cell phones, mp3 players and other devices today.

High EMF Readings or Ghosts?

I love the show Ghost Hunters on the syfy channel. The team uses an EMF detector to note high levels of electromagnetic radiation. Often, people reporting paranormal phenomena are simply exposed to high EMF. Feelings of being watched, feeling ‘creeped out’ and even some phenomena have been attributed to high EM fields.

On last night’s show, for example, the team investigated an old Cape Cod Inn.  Room 208 was a difficult room for the innkeepers to rent because people were so uncomfortable staying in the room they would ask for a different room. The innkeepers were at a loss and blamed the inn’s ‘ghost.’

When the paranormal investigators turned their EMF detectors towards the ceiling fan, they were surprised to see readings climb into the 20′s and 30′s – much, much higher than people should reasonably be exposed to!  Upon further investigation, they discovered that the motor had burned out on the ceiling fan on the middle setting. If the fan was turned on, the blades didn’t move, but the stressed motor continued to pump out an EMF field that far exceeded a reasonable level.

To test their theory, the team turned off the fan and asked an investigator to sit in the room for 40 minutes. She came back and said that she felt very comfortable in the room. The team then walked her out of the room, turned the broken fan on, and asked her to sit again in the room. Within 20 minutes, she started feeling uncomfortable and after 40 minutes, reported that “creepy” feeling that guests blamed on ghosts. She had no idea that the ceiling fan was now emitting high EMF readings.

It only goes to show that we CAN detect EMF and EM radiation. Now we must turn out attention to other physical symptoms and stories.

New questions are being raised about radiation from cell phones

By: Shannon Cake - 07-06-2010


We walk and talk, text and send. For billions of people, cell phones have become a habit.

“I’d be useless,” said Seth Donahoe, a financial advisor who keeps his phone with him constantly. “From 9 a.m. til 7 at night it’s all business usually.”

But what about radiation emitted from cell phones,” I asked.

“I think about it all the time.”

“It doesn’t change your behavior?”

“No, not at all.”

For years, the cell phone and wireless industry has pointed to the Federal Communications Commission and numerous studies conducted by cancer research groups. These agencies could find no hard scientific evidence that the small amount of radiation from your cell phone can cause cancer–more specifically a brain tumor.  However, recent reports indicate a possible shift in that theory.

“The 10 year data has just come out that shows over a longer-term period, continuous exposure to radiation does increase your risk of primary brain tumors,” said Dr. Charles Theofolis, a local neurosurgeon.

He points to a study reported in a physicians trade journal, Surgical Neurology. “Before studies like this one came out–who knew? Now that the data has come out, I’m going to say there is preliminary data showing there’s an increased risk,” he said.

The authors of the study found: “there is adequate epidemiological evidence to suggest a link between prolonged cell phone usage and the development of an brain tumor.”

“Radiation alters the DNA of cell,” said Dr. Theofolis. “So when you start altering DNA and form mutant cells in the brain, that’s what causes brain tumors and brain cancer.”

The World Health Organization recently wrapped up its own international study on the topic. There were mixed conclusions, but the organization did warn with the “changing patterns of mobile phone use, particularly in young people, further investigation of phone use and brain cancer risk is merited.”

“The problem part is you really don’t know what happens to children,” said Olga Naidemko, a senior scientist with the Environmental Working Group, which, among other things, works to restrict cell phone use among kids. “There are no studies that look at children’s health so there is no organization that can come out and say cell phones are safe for children because we simply don’t know.”

A cell phone trade group in Washington, D.C. is familiar with the recent research. John Walls, vice president of CITA-Wireless Association, said more studies should be done in some areas.

“Looking at research that has been done and evaluated, it has been determined that in some respects there’s no increased risk from cell phone use. However in terms of long-term use and maybe with regard to children, those are areas we could do more research on,” he said.

Dr. Theofolis says it makes sense that children would be more vulnerable to cellphone radiation because their skulls haven’t fully formed. “Because children have thinner skulls, some part of the brain can absorb twice as much radiation as you and I because the skull is so thin. So just think about children using cell phones, it could be a 5 fold increase of brain cancer in children.”

“My feeling is we are going to see a bump in brain tumors down the road,” said Dr. Theofolis. “I’m worried enough that I use my speaker phone on my cell phone as much as I can.”

But Seth Donahoe says despite the recent studies he has no plans of changing his habits.

“I feel like it’s the cigarettes of my generation; like one day I’m going to end up with cancer because the cell phone is stuck to my ear,” he said. “My kids are going to be like, ‘You didn’t know? You didn’t think you could get cancer from that?’”

As a precaution, Dr. Theofolis recommends using a speaker phone. The next best step is using a wired headset to your phone. He said the worst is to put the phone next to your ear.


Environmental Working Group rates phones based on radiation: click here

Oldest US Postal Worker Retires in Calif. at 95

By NARDINE SAAD (AP) – Jun 30, 2010
US postal worker at 95
US postal worker at 95

REDLANDS, Calif. — It wasn’t snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night that stopped Chester Arthur Reed from his appointed round. The mail handler just felt it was time to call it quits at age 95.

The fork lift operator retired Wednesday as the nation’s oldest postal worker, ending a career without taking a single sick day. It’s a feat he attributes to a healthy diet of watermelon, alkaline water and an onion sandwich with mayo every day.

“If everyone in the nation ate watermelons, they’d get rid of all the doctors,” Reed said.

Despite being partially deaf and walking with a stoop, Reed has worked for more years than many of his co-workers have been alive and has accrued 3,856 hours — nearly two years — of sick leave for not missing a shift in 37 years.

Reed has been a U.S. Postal Service mail handler and forklift operator since he was hired in 1973, making $4 an hour. He hit the $25-an-hour ceiling about 10 years ago.

Reed said he likes his job because “one, it’s a steady income and, two, they don’t hassle you.” But he also knows when to leave, reasoning: “The Bible says there’s a time for everything. Well, it’s time to retire, and that’s it.”

Reed worked the 2:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. shift and logged in more than 12 hours some days, his 55-year-old manager Mary Brunkhorst said. “We’d have to force him to go home, and he’d say there’s still work to do. It takes a special person to work to age 95. Our generation would not do that.”

About 100 people attended a retirement ceremony Wednesday for Reed where he was presented with a plaque bearing about 40 stamps that depict locations he visited or activities he enjoyed. Some in the audience wiped away tears.

Reed was hired to the postal service after serving in the Air Force, which he joined at age 33. Among the places where he served were Wiesbaden in Germany, Okinawa in Japan, and three Texas bases before ending up in March Field in Riverside where he currently lives.

Despite his travel during military service, Reed still has wanderlust. He and his 59-year-old son Richard visit a continent each year, recently marking their fifth. He is planning another trip that will include Moscow, Helsinki and Dublin, and a second parasailing adventure in Rio de Janeiro.

He last parasailed two years ago, at age 93.

Reed was born in 1914 and grew up in St. Clairsville, Ohio, as the son of an auto mechanic and a housewife. After high school, he worked on Ford Model Ts in his dad’s auto shop. In 1944, Reed met his wife Iva Katherine, a dance instructor, on the dance floor and enlisted in the Air Force three years later.

He retired from active service as a sergeant in 1972. He said he heard the post office was hiring, so he went in for an interview and was hired on the spot.

His military service, which included physical conditioning with pilots, is evident in the rigid discipline surrounding his health. It’s his favorite topic of conversation, said Reed’s co-worker Verna Ortiz, 50.

He believes in drinking alkaline water, to minimize acids that can damage digestive system, and eating sandwiches made “with a lot of mayonnaise and get a big slice of onion” because the vegetable is closely related to garlic, one of the healthiest foods you can eat, he said.

“He taught me to stay away from the two S’s: salt and sugar,” Ortiz said, adding she lost 10 pounds in six months by taking his advice.

Reed also likes to point out that his personal hero, the fitness guru Jack LaLanne whom Reed calls “a fine physical specimen,” is only one month his senior.

Reed is one of seven siblings, but has outlived all but the youngest — a 65-year-old who lives near San Diego. Reed’s other son died of cancer at age 58 a few years ago, and Reed’s wife died soon after.

Regardless of his longevity, Reed doesn’t think he’s leaving a legacy. “Put your hand in a bucket of water, put it in all the way to your wrist. Take it out and the hole that you leave will be how much you’ll be missed,” he said.

And while he may not be going to a job anymore, he’s still working hard.

“Hey, if Adam and Eve hadn’t messed up, they’d be living yet,” he said. “So I’m going to try to reach 100.”

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