How to find out if you are Electrosensitive

EMF Pollution

Find out if you are sensitive to EMF before its too late!

Living in the digital age carries consequences; devices used to “stay in touch” bathe us in electromagnetic radiation on a daily basis. Research into the effects of cell phone use continues to discover tangible effects on our brains and bodies from the use of cell phones which lend credence to claims of people that believe that cell phones (and cell towers) are wrecking their health. Electrosensitivity is a condition that describes the symptoms of people who are affected by being in close proximity to electrical equipment.

Common Symptoms of Electrosensitivity

Medical science does not have an established list of symptoms caused by electosensitivity because studies on electosensitivity are ongoing. However, people who claim to suffer from electosensitivity often describe similar symptoms from exposure to electromagnetic radiation sources:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Disturbances (e.g. nausea)
  • Concentration and Memory Difficulties
  • Dizziness

Because these symptoms are also commonly associated with other problems, you should consult with a doctor to eliminate other possible causes.  A proper medical exam will often find other causes, such as diseases or chemical sensitivities which have symptoms similar to electosensitivity. However, because studies are ongoing, and there is immense pressure from the telecommunications industry to discredit the phenomena of electosensitivity, your doctor may refuse to associate your symptoms with electosensitivity even after all other causes have been ruled out. In this case, there are measures you can take to find out for yourself.

Measure the EMF in your Home

A device called a gauss meter measures EMF radiation produced by electrical equipment. Because devices such as microwaves, cell phones, light bulbs and computers all operate at different electrical frequencies, it is important to get a device that is capable of measuring EMF at a wide range of frequencies. Once you find the major sources of EMF in your home, you can shut off offending devices reduce your exposure. Also consider sources nearby your home, such as cell phone towers and high tension electrical wires, the gauss meter can help you measure EMF from those sources as well.

Protect Yourself from EMF

Even if your home is a low EMF environment (not likely) you are also exposed to EMF by your cell phone. The best way to avoid cell phone radiation is to not use one, instead, use a regular land line which produces much less radiation. If you must use a cell phone, there are ways to reduce your exposure:

  • Use the speakerphone option instead
  • Send a text message
  • Use a radiation free headset

Never carry a cell phone on your belt or in your pocket, studies have shown that men who do so lose bone mass in their pelvis, and may even become infertile! Instead, carry the phone in a separate place, such as briefcase or messenger bag. If you are going to use a headset, choose LIFE BlueTube headsets which are radiation free. Sound in the headsets is produced by external speakers, and then transferred to your ears through air tubes, similar to the way a doctor’s stethoscope works. No other headset for your phone is radiation free!

Get your LIFE Blue Tube radiation-free headset and start protecting yourself from EMF’s damaging effects. Also works for MP3 players and other portable devices.

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